Numerology is an incredibly powerful tool used to discover who we are, what we are here to learn, and to reveal our greatest weaknesses and strengths. In numerology, numbers are much more than simple arithmetic; they have a deeper spiritual meaning that bridges the physical with the metaphysical. Each number 1-9 represents a different energy of the Earth plane, and every living creature of Earth is a vessel through which these energies flow. Numerology is one of the best tools for understanding how the energies of the world influence us.

In this article I’m going to take a look at the lifepath numbers 1 through to 9 and see how they apply to pets, most specifically pet dogs. Please note that while I use dogs as an example in this article, you can apply the same information to all pets. An animal’s lifepath number is calculated exactly the same way as their human friend, by adding up the digits of their birth date left to right and reducing until you have 1 digit. For example, my dog Bailey’s birthday is 24/05/2021, which adds up to 16. When we add 1+6 together we discover that Bailey’s lifepath number is 7.

Unlike human beings, animals are much less complex as they don’t have things like egos to complicate the energies. As a result, they are working with the most basic essence of each number and are closer to Source energy than human beings. They truely live in the moment, something humans struggle to do on a daily basis. The lifepath number describes the animal’s greatest lesson in life; it’s what they came here to learn. It also describes important aspects of their personality since the lifepath number is the driving force throughout their life.

Lifepath Number 1 

Dogs who have the lifepath number 1 are very headstrong, determined, and stubborn animals. They are courageous, love to win and can be competitive, especially when it comes to food and games. These animals are here to learn how to stand up for themselves, and to experience the energy of safety and security in their life.

Lifepath Number 2

Dogs who have the lifepath number 2 are the most loving animals. They are peaceful, gentle and highly sensitive so be careful not to scold them as they will remember it. They are also intuitive and psychic animals, and are deeply in tune to the energies around them (especially if their lifepath adds up to 11 first). They are here to experience connection with humans and other animals, and to learn about empathy.

Lifepath Number 3

Dogs who have the lifepath number 3 are extremely energetic, playful, and emotional creatures. They love to be the centre of attention and despite getting older, will never really grow up as this is the energy of the child. They most likely bark a lot or very expressive, whether they are happy, angry or just excited to see you… they will want to let you know! They are here to learn about self expression, joy and most of all having fun!

Lifepath Number 4

Dogs who have the lifepath number 4 are here to learn about discipline and routine. This doesn’t mean that you should be harsh on them, but rather they will be happiest when they have a regular eating and sleeping routine in place. A life where they are constantly moving house or changing diet would be very difficult for these dogs. They are extremely loyal, trusting and loving animals with big hearts who are here to learn about the energy of stability.

Lifepath Number 5

Dogs who have the lifepath number 5 are the cheekiest of all the animals. They are the rule breakers and risk takers and are here to experience life with all their senses, so they love food and adventure. They are in their element when exploring so make sure you take them out regularly as being cooped up inside will drive these dogs crazy! They are here to experience the energy of freedom and change and to also learn about discipline – after all, you can’t let them get away with everything!

Lifepath Number 6

Dogs with the lifepath number 6 are happiest when they are at home and make great companions for the elderly. They have natural healing energy and are very affectionate; they love pats and will lick you to let you know they love you. These dogs make the best mothers and fathers as 6 is the energy of the nurturer. They are here to learn about responsibility, whether it be looking after their own puppy, or perhaps looking after a human friend as a guide dog.

Lifepath Number 7

Dogs with the lifepath number 7 need their alone time in order to recharge. Depending on what other numbers they have in their numerology, 7’s often enjoy playing alone and can be loners at times. They are curious and keenly observant creatures, always watching what you are doing and analysing your behaviours, hoping for treats or clues that they might be going for a walk. They are here to learn about being by themselves and to experience the energy of trust.

Lifepath Number 8

Dogs with the lifepath number 8 are extremely tough and resilient animals. They are working with the energy of power and will feel that they are in charge of their owners and other animals, or are the “leaders of the pack” as it might be better described. This can often lead them to become aggressive or dominating at times. Many 8 dogs have had past lives as humans where this energy has gotten out of hand, so they are here to heal it (similar to the lifepath 9). Sometimes the 8 lifepath can be a challenging path as since these animals are specifically learning about power, they are sometimes put into situations where that power is taken away from them (similar to their human friends with this lifepath), so it is about building strength of character and resilience to get through those difficult times.

Lifepath Number 9

Dogs who are born with the lifepath number 9 have reincarnated with a purpose, perhaps to help heal a human who has gone through a difficult time or to learn a very a particular lesson themselves. These pets are old souls who have had previous incarnations on Earth, so they have a natural aura of wisdom about them. They are extremely loving and love unconditionally. Pets with the 9 lifepath might have had traumatic human past lives, and are here to heal certain energies in the form of an animal as it is more pure compared to what is experienced in human form. The other numbers in a 9 pet’s numerology give more clues about what energies they are healing, but in essence they are here to learn about compassion and empathy, and to touch those around them.