Mette Christensen is best remembered as the vocalist of bubblegum dance group Crispy. Born in Denmark on the 25th September 1976, Mette sadly passed away far too young due to a brain tumour in 2005. Using the magic of numerology, we are able to analyse Mette’s birthday numbers, and see what they reveal about her.

Lifepath number: 3
Expanded lifepath: 39/12
Approach number: 7
Day number: 25
Month number: 9
Year number: 5
Name number: METTE (45225/9)

Lifepath number 3: The Performer

Adding up her birthday numbers, Mette had the lifepath number 12/3. The lifepath number is the most important of all numerology calculations and describes who we are destined to become, and what is our biggest life challenge. As a 3, Mette was here to experience creative expression. She was a born performer, loved singing and being on stage, and was here to heal her and other people’s inner child, and bring happiness and positivity into the world. 3’s are fun-loving, positive, creative, energetic, and have great senses of humour. The music of Crispy beautifully encapsulates the essence of the number 3, and was perfectly in line with Mette’s life purpose. Crispy’s music was fun, bouncy, and childish, and was the band’s way of celebrating youth, life, peace and party. Even today, over 20 years after the release of their album “The Game”, Crispy is one of the most beloved and cherished groups of this genre.

Mette likely struggled with confidence growing up, and part of her lesson in relation to her lifepath was to not care what other people think so much. The number 9 features a lot in Mette’s numerology, it’s a part of her lifepath challenge number “39”, her month number (September), and her name METTE also adds to the number 9. The 9 energy made her very giving and selfless; she had an inner desire to serve others, or do something for others to make them happy. Crispy was the perfect outlet for doing this, and touring and performing for people on stage and seeing their smiling faces would have lit up Mette’s soul and made her feel most alive. It would have been a definite highlight of her life.

Approach number 7

Mette’s birthday was the 25th of September, giving her the approach number 7. 7’s are intellectual, scientific and curious, they love to delve deep and find out the hidden meaning behind things. She also likely had a quiet side to her personality and after the party needed alone time in order to recharge. The 7 and 3 energies are a little conflicting, so this would have required a balance for Mette. While she loved being around people and having fun, too much socialising would have become overwhelming after a while and she needed to be by herself.

7’s think a lot, maybe even too much, and Mette might have had the tendency to over-think or over-intellectualise things. Worrying about what other people think of her might have been a challenge. Throughout history, 7 women have been among the deepest and most intellectually gifted people – Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe are great examples. Interestingly, both of those ladies also died very young. 7 can be quite a mysterious energy, and 7’s don’t like to open up to people until they are very comfortable, so others can find them secretive. Since Mette was born on the 25th day, the 7 energy is more relevant to her as 2+5 adds to 7. Behind the bold and outgoing persona she portrayed as the lead vocalist of Crispy, she was likely a very private and quiet girl at home.

Day number 25

Since in numerology we always reduce all numbers down to the root number by adding them together, 2+5 adds to 7. This goes to show that the number 7 (also being her approach number) has a greater influence on Mette, and it was also an added challenge. 7 people are very observant, often noticing unusual details about things and people that others don’t.

The 7 and 9

Since Mette was influenced heavily by both the numbers 7 and 9, I’d be very surprised if she wasn’t a spiritual person, or at least drawn to spiritual concepts and topics (numerology would have likely fascinated her). Both 7 and 9 are quite inquisitive energies, they love to ask the bigger questions in life and don’t take anything at face value. Because of the tendency to think so deeply, these people can often struggle with depression and turn to escapism to cope with life. The 7 is about learning through experience (often by personal sacrifice), and the 9 is about letting go of the past and what no longer serves you. These would have been key challenges for Mette.

One of the most interesting things about the number 9 is its chameleon-like ability to mould its energy to suit other people. Mette was probably very good at blending with others and making them feel comfortable around her, though since 9 is also one of the main challenges of her lifepath, she needed to make sure she stood up for her own beliefs and ensure she didn’t lose herself in other people’s desires.

Turning point age: 12 years old

Mette’s earliest turning point age was 12 years old (1988-1989). Perhaps this is when she became interested in singing and performing, which would become her life purpose. Numerology pinpoints various other dates of importance for Mette, but sadly she passed away before she reached many of them at the age of 29 in 2005. 2005 reduces down to 7 (2+0+0+5), the same as her birth day 25th (2+5). I can’t say why Mette’s soul decided to leave the Earth plane so young, but the 7 energy relates to learning through experience and personal sacrifice. Sometimes souls incarnate with the purpose of a short life to learn a specific lesson, or to teach those around them something, and once the lesson is complete they go back to the spirit world.

Despite Mette’s short life, her friends and family should find some comfort in the knowledge that she truly did live her purpose, and her performances in the band Crispy will live on in the heart of fans for years and years to come.