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The Numbers 1-9

In numerology, there are 9 unique numbers or “vibrations”, as well as the number 0. Every single number you can think of can be reduced down to one of these nine digits. These are also sometimes referred to as the “core numbers”.


Zero is a spiritual number that represents both nothing and everything. It looks like an egg that has yet to hatch, hence representing the not-yet-manifested and the potential. It also represents the Source energy of the universe, from which everything is born, and to which we will eventually go back.


Number one represents creation, new beginnings, uniqueness, and creativity. It is a masculine number, the father and the leader, and all other numbers follow it. It also represents the ego.

The 1 energy can be described as the feeling of being unique or different from other people.


Number two represents partnerships and all things that come in pairs. It’s a sign of polarity and division, but also unity as it represents two things coming together to create something new. It’s a feminine mother, healing and intuitive.

The 2 energy is that feeling of love and connection to another living creature or person.


The number three represents the child and is the produced result of numbers 1 and 2. It’s playful, creative, and fun-loving, It also represents the trinities of life – as in the past, present and future, as well as the 3 aspects of self: physical, mental, and spiritual.

A perfect example of when you can feel the 3 energy is when you are in fits of laughter.


The number four is a grounded and earthly number representing stability and foundation. Think of number four as a square table that requires 4 legs to be strong and sturdy. Or a tall tree that needs its roots to go deep into the ground before it can grow upwards and thrive. It is also the number of balance and structure.

The energy of 4 can be felt whenever you are focusing and working hard, either physically or mentally.


The number five is all about spiritual growth and change. It also represents the speaking of truth, unconventionality, risk, inventiveness, and the five senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch).

This energy can be felt whenever there is a feeling of excitement and adventure.


The number six represents responsibility, love, home, and harmony. When I think of this number I think of a plant that has grown tall but needs to be nurtured and cared for in order to stay healthy. This nurturing and caring energy is the essence of number six.

This energy can be felt whenever you feel love and responsibility for another living creature or person.


The number seven represents spirituality, understanding and depth. Throughout history the number seven is said to be a magical and mystical number often associated with the occult. It also represents trust and intuition.

This energy can be felt whenever there is a yearning to know more and to understand something.


The number 8 is all about authority, power, and judgment. It also represents money and success in the material world, balance and true understanding, for without these things personal power is superficial and material gain is easily lost. 

You can feel the energy of 8 whenever you feel powerful or authoriative.


The number 9 represents spiritual wisdom, selflessness and humanitarianism. It represents the evolution of the soul and takes on the shape of a spiral. 9 is the final number in numerology, hence symbolising endings which are followed by new beginnings (number 1).

The energy of number 9 can be felt when you feel love and compassion for a complete stranger, or for no particular reason.