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Numerology for Dogs

Just like human beings, dogs are also influenced by the “number energies” of Planet Earth. And just like us, they choose their birth date before coming to Earth, with the purpose of learning specific lessons related to the numbers in their birth date.

Dogs are much less complex beings than humans and are working with the most basic essence of each number. They truly live in the moment, something humans struggle to do on a daily basis. They don’t mull over the past or worry about the future, which is arguably the cause of most human suffering, but rather take each moment as it comes. Over thousands of years, as dogs have evolved from wolves to domesticated pets, they have picked up on many human-like traits, including the ability to display empathy, read facial expressions, and even communicate jealousy. Hence, your pet dog is here to learn specifically from you, with more spiritually “advanced” human-like lessons, compared to the soul of an animal who has chosen the life of a wild dog.

Written Numerology Readings for Dogs

My Written Numerology Readings for Dogs will help you understand your beloved pet on a more personal level. In your dog’s personalised numerology reading, you will learn about:

  • Their Lifepath number and what they have come to Earth to learn
  • Their approach number and how they look at life
  • Their strengths and potential weaknesses
  • What is important to them on a soul level by looking at the numbers in their day, month and year
  • The numerology of their name and the influence it has on them

Please note: I currently specialise in numerology readings for dogs only, however if you have a different animal you would like a numerology reading for, please contact me as I should be able to accommodate and give you a quote.

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