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Numerology Readings

Before we incarnate on this physical planet called Earth, our soul decides upon the energies it wants to work with during our lifetime. The easiest way to do this is by selecting a birthdate, as the numbers we choose each represent unique Earthly vibrations that will form the basis of how we approach life and the lessons we learn.

Of course, when we come to Earth amnesia kicks in and we immediately become engulfed in the everyday life of being human, forgetting why our soul chose to come here in the first place. It’s through the wonderful art of numerology that we able to rediscover the things that our soul had planned for us all along.

What to expect in your reading

  • Completely personalised written numerology report, emailed to you in PDF format
  • Discover your Lifepath number, the most important number in numerology which describes your major lesson in life and who you are destined to become
  • Unlock the secrets of your Approach number, which describes the energy through which you approach life. This number is quite often described as being more accurately you than the lifepath number.
  • Discover the meanings behind your birth day, month, and year numbers
  • A look at the negative side of your major numbers, and what you should be careful of
  • Find out the meaning of your commonly used name in numerology
  • Learn about your personal year in numerology, which describes the number energy that is influencing you most at present, and what is coming up for you next year
  • Discover your pyramids of growth, a series of more advanced numerology calculations that shows the major energy influences throughout your life and indicates when some big shifts will take place
  • I will highlight some important dates of significance for you, including your life turning point age and your pivotal year in numerology
Important: Since your reading is completely personalised and is not computer-generated like many numerology reports today, it will take me some time to put together depending on my current workload, please allow 5-6 working days for me to deliver your reading to your inbox.